Building Pathways

to Brighter Futures

SOTC Market @ the Barn

Enjoy a farmers market with fresh crab, spicy barbeque meats and poultry, tasty greens, cornbread, and other home-style dishes. Soul of the City will showcase diverse artists at the intersection of Food, Music, and Art!


The Congress Heights Community Training & Development Corporation (CHCTDC) launched the BLACKBONE Project in March 2023 with the support of the community, and JP Morgan Chase. The CHCTDC Small Business Center is the…

Small Biz Technical Assistance

CHCTDC provides technical support to small start-ups and businesses within the District as a part of the District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Small Business Technical Assistance program.

Destination Congress Heights

Destination Congress Heights Main Street (DCHMS) formerly the Congress Heights Main Street was chartered by the National Trust for Historic Preservations Main Street program in January of 2016. Our Main Street program operates…

Sycamore & Oak @ St. Elizabeth's

CHCTDC is proud to partner with the Emerson Collective and St. Elizabeth’s to present Sycamore & Oak. Sycamore & Oak is a space within Parcel 15 of St. Elizabeth’s, fueled by a community-led, community-serving incubator project…